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Who are we
Who are we?


We help organisations develop and implement strategies to communicate with the speed, frequency and tone required for a social media age.


In steady state and during crisis modes.



Because that’s how we roll.




more about what we do

 Some of the time we’re 

communications planners 

devising, creating and implementing  effective PR and social communications strategies


 Some of the time we’re 

business consultants

shaping internal processes to tell a more consistent and convincing external story


And some of the time we’re 

social media trainers

coaching the C-suite, comms and customer service teams on social media understanding and participation, content generation, crisis comms and digital transformation


 But more often than not, we’re a mix of all three 

What we do


Why do people hire us? 


We like to think it’s because we sit down with our clients to understand their culture, their business and communications requirements, and then help them build and motivate cross-functional teams to deliver against them, often using social tools which simply didn’t exist just a few years ago.

This typically involves marrying traditional and social communications techniques and channels, to help drive any mix of sales generation, publicity generation, online reputation improvement, customer service, HR and e-CRM objectives.

All of our clients have their own reasons. But strategic communications consultancy, social media support, crisis comms audits and planning, and publicity/promotion are some of the things we’re often asked to do.

Communications strategy

Over the years we’ve learned that the best communications strategies are often the simplest.

That’s why take a results-based approach to communications strategy and planning, to deliver a bespoke solution for our clients.

We think first. Talk later.

What do you actually want to achieve? Is it increased traffic to a website? Or is it developing a strategy for when the inevitable crisis hits? Or is it reputation-enhancing publicity?

We’ll then develop a comms strategy to help you achieve it. And we’ll put in place decent metrics to measure what we’ve done.

Social media consultancy

We may have grown up with ZX81s, but we’re still digital natives.

We’ve set up social media processes, channels, training and content plans for organisations including TfL, Eurostar, Barclays Bank, and Sony for both reputation-management, and revenue-delivery

And we’ve built up social channels for businesss with 4,000 to 4,000,000 fans.

At one end of the social spectrum we can set up social listening, engagement and evaluations platforms for any brief. Building processes across marketing, PR, and customer service teams.

And at the other end, we can deliver content plans and creative which generates tangible results.

Crisis communications

We’ve got 20 years’ experience of preparing for, avoiding and also operating in the middle of PR and social crises, for organisations including the BBC, Transport for London, Eurostar, and W Hotels.

We’ve been parachuted into international household-name businesses to develop and implement crisis strategies in real-time.

We’ve written and tested crisis-preparation documents for multinationals.

And we also regularly train groups of 5 to 500 people worldwide in how to spot a potential crisis, and then deal with it.

Of course, prevention is better than cure.

But, if truth be told, we’re happy doing both.

Publicity and promotion

Media relations, as a skill, remains invaluable.

But the power of the media is slipping away.

Brands are increasingly defined by a wide range of influential people, some of whom are journalists. But many are not.

The secret to generating cut-through these days is to create campaigns which people want to get involved in, and want to share.

We help organisations understand their audience’s passion-points, and then create content which gets that audience excited. Including journalists, of course.

How we work


 How do we work? 


Restless is a new breed of ‘social business’ communications consultancy set up by Chris Reed in 2011.

Businesses are having to become more networked to adapt to the more networked world we all inhabit, and we help them do so. We provide consultancy, strategy, delivery, and training to help clients navigate the crossover space between communications, PR & reputation management, social media, marketing, CRM, customer services and HR.

We work with clients direct, or in partnership with other agencies, often involving our own network of associates, most of whom have 10 years or more experience in PR, SEO, customer service, or digital design and build.

Chris has more than 20 years’ experience spanning consumer and corporate communications, both in-house at the BBC, and for the last 12  years for Fishburn (formerly Fishburn Hedges, 77, Brew and Further).

As well as running £1m+ integrated comms campaigns, he also spent seven years on the Fishburn board leading on social media strategy and delivery across all four agencies – delivering £100K+ digital media budgets, managing communities of 4 million fans and devising reputation-enhancing campaigns for B2B and consumer clients. Before the 2012 Olympics, Chris trained the entire TfL communications and customer service teams in how to use Twitter for customer service.

He speaks regularly at PR and comms industry events and on Sky News, re-builds bikes, and shouts a lot at Arsenal.




Who we work for


Over the years we have worked with some amazing clients on some great award-winning work. We’ve illustrated a few of the projects we’re most proud of here, and because we’re all about transparency us, also indicated which of these projects we’ve delivered for which agency too.

If you’d like a full case study on any of them, just ask


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For more writing on strategic communications, crisis comms and social media check out our blog.


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What we believe


The best communications always starts with listening

Social media channels are a part of the communications mix. They’re not the be-all and end-all

Your audience’s interest has to be earned. It can no longer be bought

Writing for search is as important as writing for people

Anyone who calls themselves a ‘social media guru’ probably isn’t

Radical transparency is reshaping how companies communicate. In a good way

Personal data is more valuable than most people think

Social channels will have a bigger impact within organisations as outside of them

Noise does not equal influence. Neither does a high Klout score

ROI can never truly be judged by numbers alone

Bill and Ted got it spot on:  “Be excellent to eachother” is a most excellent motto