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  • Crisis Communications

    The Economist is wrong

  • Social Media Playbooks

    11 common themes of the best social media playbooks

  • Why does Starbucks alway get your name wrong?

    Starbucks makes mistakes to mop up the social currency, surely?

  • If you don’t buy the product, you are the product

    Apple and Google are squaring up with eachother over privacy

    And Tim Cook is willing to forgo profit to be the good guy

  • My name, your drink. Mass personalisation? Or a social gimmick?

    Coke are massively expanding their personalisation programme. It makes them big bucks. And even bigger free publicity

  • The Circle – a future defined by social media

    Dave Eggers’ novel, The Circle. A scary, but too credible future…

  • Social business and serendipity

    Social business is more about culture than technologies – something that Steve Jobs knew perfectly well

  • Klout – don’t believe the hype

    Algorithms for influence? You’re having a laugh. Especially whey they think a tweeting clock is more influential than Alan Rusbridger.

  • Crisis communications at the Dorchester

    How the power of a consumer and celebrity boycott is impacting the Dorchester Hotel Group, owners of Beverly Hills Hilton.


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