Social media mass personalisation

My name, your drink. Mass personalisation? Or a social gimmick?

Coca-Cola were sampling exercise in Holborn recently. Free drinks. What’s not to like? In fact, free drinks with your name on. Even better.

This year’s campaign features four times more names than previously, including mate, bestie, mum and dad. Nice touches.

The return of the campaign was apparently prompted by a massive rise in sales last time round. Not surprised really. Not only will people search out the drink with their name on it, but also the social sharing which the campaign generated meant that the brand was regularly front of mind amongst its target audience. Very clever.

Of course Coca-Cola aren’t the first company to offer personalisation, typically via social channels, for their consumers.

But they do it very well.

Starbucks personalises mass-produced drinks in a very different way, but even so, this attempt at personalisation (typically involving a mis-spelt name) also generates heaps of social sharing.

We’re living in an era where people crave unique experiences, and one in which mass production can accommodate huge variations on a theme.

But as well as that, we’re living in the age of the¬†selfie. And there’s nothing like the chance of free publicity to kickstart innovation.