Social Media statistics. Loads of them

I’m regularly looking around for the latest stats to back up points of view, or to help me understand exactly what’s going on the world.

One of the ways I pool everything is via Evernote (which if you don’t use it, you should), which makes everything incredibly searchable. I use an if this then that recipe (bear with me) which looks for every post on a couple of statistics-heavy sites, and then automatically pulls those stats into Evernote. It works like a dream. Would totally recommend it.

I’ve made the notebook public – feel free to have a dig around.

Also – and what prompted this post (which has been sitting in draft for way too long) was the publication of this post by Brian Honigman on The Huffington Post.

If you want to gen up about how much sex influences social sharing, the number of Facebook pages wtih more than 10 likes or other similar stats, dive on in…

(pic credit – Gapinvoid. Go buy his art. It’s excellent)