Still counting likes? Think again

I’m not one to gratuitously re-post other people’s infographics, but I thought this was worth a share…because I was surprised quite how (ahem) rudimentary many companies’ analysis of social media activity is.

According to this research (over 2,000 companies, but not split by size – which I’d hope would show up way more variations), even though more than a quarter of them have dedicated social media teams, 90% of companies measure social media in terms of likes and followers.

Scary stuff.

Yes, those numbers are useful indicators, but pretty much all companies should look beyond that, at what people actually ‘do’ as a result of ¬†exposure to that social media content. Or any content at all.

There’s some other interesting stuff, both in the infographic, but also in the white paper about team structure too. Worth a read.

Hey Ho.

why counting social media likes is wrong