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The Collaborative economy: why the future is here already…

Those Altimeter types remain ahead of the curve, and this post by Jeremiah Oywang is no exception.

The long and the short of it is that all organisations will become more porous, more collaborative, and  more Рdare I say it Рhelpful to their customers, and their colleagues, and their supply chain.

We’re already seeing a massive rise in businesses starting up to help people use ‘down time’ and excess capacity in products – think air b’n’b, city car clubs etc etc.

The social tools can now help real-time trading of (not so) scarce resources. And it’s the future.

Strangely enough though…didn’t lasminute dot com start out with that same premise – helping hotels fill up otherwise empty rooms… What goes around, comes around I guess. Who’d have thought of Run DMC as digital role models back in 1986. All they were doing was telling millions of people about a product they loved. Using music, not Facebook.

Anyway – the post is well worth a read…as are the follow-ups

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