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Social Media Playbooks

11 common themes of the best social media playbooks

We’re often asked to put together social media strategies for our clients, and then to make them as practical as possible – to develop a social media playbook (although I hate that term)

So what does a good social media playbook involve?

Obviously it varies dependent on individual clients and objectives, but in practice there are a number of themes which are fairly consistent. I thought it would be useful to share the 11 common themes of the best social media playbooks, based on our own methodology and approach.

  1. Define objectives (based on business objectives, but with more than a nod to communications objectives)
  2. Identify target audiences
  3. Audit existing channels against objectives and target audiences
  4. Refresh or write social media policy
  5. Develop and agree content themes, and % of created v curated content
  6. Define roles, responsibilities and set up teams/tools/processes for listening, content-creation, engagement, escalation and reporting
  7. Develop tone of voice guidelines, and copywriting/technical guidelines for each of your social channels
  8. Create a process to produce and regularly update and approve content plans
  9. Establish a triage and response methodology, including classification of content and individuals who engage with you, workflows, response timelines and approval processes, and associated KPIs
  10. Create an evaluation methodology which recognises the right mix of ROI and other business objectives
  11. Refresh escalation and crisis communications processes (or start them from scratch)

This is clearly just a framework, but I figured it’s worth sharing, particularly as I think it sits very comfortably with social media playbooks from the likes of GDS, Cisco, and Salesforce [registration required].

I’m sure there are other really good playbooks around – if I should link to any more, let me know.